Designing the holistic solution for the next generation of international wealth management at Credit Suisse


Designing simple interfaces for complex blockchain solutions. Participating in client workshop to shape solution structure. Researching solutions, user groups, wireframing and designing mobile first process UI’s, making analytics based decisions, Prototyping clickable mockups


UX design and prototypes for Fintech integrations, Discovery (Blockchain, VR, Conversational UI & Chatbots), K’ching youth banking, Augmented data visualisation for Corporate banking, Appointments and contact center process, and more. Apart from wireframing the solutions I was also involved in preparing and performing qualitative user research involving card sorting, interviews and prototype testing as well as quantitative testing like AB testing and user analytics. I also gained experience in prototyping and defending solutions in front of a committee of stakeholders.


Hybrid Media is a company in expansion phase with a client portfolio including Haribo and Baloise. As a senior digital project manager the main tasks consist of streamlining workflows, speeding up the process of communicating to external designers and taking care of small in-house (ux) design tasks at the same time.  This includes the following tasks:

  • Managing projects for multiple clients simultaneously while working in technical environments (api’s – big data)
  • Validating technical solutions with the head of IT
  • Managing planning and workload for team of 3
  • Wireframing user interfaces
  • Guarding best practices for design and usability
  • Regularly following up on production teams and adding a layer of quality control
  • Mentoring a web design intern (UI design, front end development) added to the team in February

Between the spring and fall of 2016 I worked as a digital designer in the creative department of Digitas LBi, a fun creative team led by Creative Director Jeroen Van Laethem. I mainly worked on content design and strategy. This included visuals and video’s for clients like Thalys, Ingenico, CM, Hertha and Nissan.

In this role I also helped prepare pitches for new clients and campaigns by brainstorming about creative ideas to engage the consumer base of our clients.

Additionally, I researched user experience flaws by identifying errors in user flow for Ingenico’s new website and wireframes for several ongoing pitches.


Managing the transition of Renault and Dacia to their new web platforms for Belgium and Luxemburg. Close cooperation with the Netherlands team, and weekly meetings with the Project Coordinators in UK, France, and Netherlands. Additionally the Belux team was the main decision maker for user interface composition within the general project constraints.

Project HELIOS is a Digital coalition of the Renault Nissan alliance. This alliance consists of the brands Renault, Nissan, Infiniti, Renault Samsung Motors, Dacia and Datsun.

The goal is to create a single global digital platform for the alliance. They will all be deployed by the end of 2017.

At a glance:

– 300 new multiplatform sites
– 130 countries
– One global look
– The project is being led from the DLBi London office

I had the lead for Belgium & Luxembourg.


Developing a Proof of Concept (PoC) of a mobile application for l’Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne. This private university has the best MBA in hospitality management in the world. This project covers 2700 students from all continents as 80% of students is international. The project consists of an initial market study and benchmark, multiple presentations, workshops and user tests to best analyze the needs and requirements of the stakeholders. Each phase consisted of workshop prep, feedback and adaption, workshop (requirement, wireframes – IA, visuals, UI, UX, interaction) and debriefing.


During the KBC Mobile Design Innovathon we were asked to create a concept for the next generation KBC mobile application. Working with a team of 3 internal application managers of KBC I had the lead on ideation and brainstorming sessions, requirement analysis and project presentation in front of the board and CTO. Subsequently we worked out a design mockup and developed a prototype in AXURE RP7.


The presentation in front of the board and CTO was well received.


Getting my degree as a web designer and front end developer was an easy decision following my interest in the digital sector and my marketing background. I learned to develop in a wide range of languages and got the main design principles under my belt by experience from my internship at Fusion IT. Additionally I automatically leaned towards customer experience design and user centered design because of my interest in consumer behavior. I have a passion for using user data to improve web experiences by using analytics tools. I am also interested in user testing and what these results bring forward to improve the user interface.


I was the webmaster and online marketer of this €20.000.000 real estate development project. I worked on designing and developing the new website, and getting it ready to use as a promotional tool to display the current project. I focused mainly on usability and customer experience.

I used AXURE to prototype the site for quick user tests on the target audience, while using Adobe CC to prepare and slice all the assets for prototyping and development. I also used google analytics and Hotjar (in a later stage) for getting data and traffic stream insights. Additionally I set up social media pages, and used extensive analysis of the data I mined from the website to make adaptions to the website design and improve the general site usage. This included a higher number of page views per session, higher conversion rates, longer total session time and more returning visitors.

The biggest challenge I faced was the high involvement of the consumer in the buying decision, meaning they were showing complex buying behaviour, both off- and online. This required me to measure the success of certain campaigns slightly differently than one would with low involvement products or habitual buying behaviour. I worked around this problem by measuring succes by the number of clicks on a certain CTA and small simple “more info” contact buttons. This way we could retrace which visitors and upon closer inspection which leads were generated by the online campaigns and which were generated by other channels. This was a SME environment with a good mix between the technical and business level where I could make full use of my skills.


Working in custom content management system I copied site content to a new server using HTML.
I made several designs in Photoshop and Illustrator and also worked these designs out to fully functional web pages in HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript. I redesigned some templates using Illustrator and created custom icons for the projects.


During a period of 4 summers I coordinated teambuilding events at the Belgian seaside. My job was mainly guiding groups of people and teaching various water sports. Whenever I was assigned teamleader, my job also consisted of coordinating up to 10 instructors while setting up and organising activities.


For Globe projects I designed a user journey with clear information architecture. This was achieved by developing a wordpress powered website and focus on the maintenance, updates and social media channels. I successfully applied some functional SEO techniques and simultaneously practiced my first steps in analytics while working here.

Skills used
• Content creation
• Website design adaptions
• Social media management
• Analytics

Skills applied
• Using analytics to adapt website functionally
• Setting up a wordpress theme as a content management system
• Increasing site visitors and click throughs by comprehensive writing and other UX techniques
• Increasing leads by analyzing visitor behaviour and adapting design and CTA’s


Due to my strong interest in web design I halted my marketing degree and started a web design degree instead. I found this education to be much more relevant for my interests and aspirations in life. Working at the same time (as an Online Marketer at Globe projects) gave me a more practical insight in efficient design.