Started as webmaster / UX designer at Casa Cara Projects

Started as webmaster / UX designer at Casa Cara Projects

I was the webmaster and online marketer of this €20.000.000 real estate development project. I worked on designing and developing the new website, and getting it ready to use as a promotional tool to display the current project. I focused mainly on usability and customer experience.

I used AXURE to prototype the site for quick user tests on the target audience, while using Adobe CC to prepare and slice all the assets for prototyping and development. I also used google analytics and Hotjar (in a later stage) for getting data and traffic stream insights. Additionally I set up social media pages, and used extensive analysis of the data I mined from the website to make adaptions to the website design and improve the general site usage. This included a higher number of page views per session, higher conversion rates, longer total session time and more returning visitors.

The biggest challenge I faced was the high involvement of the consumer in the buying decision, meaning they were showing complex buying behaviour, both off- and online. This required me to measure the success of certain campaigns slightly differently than one would with low involvement products or habitual buying behaviour. I worked around this problem by measuring succes by the number of clicks on a certain CTA and small simple “more info” contact buttons. This way we could retrace which visitors and upon closer inspection which leads were generated by the online campaigns and which were generated by other channels. This was a SME environment with a good mix between the technical and business level where I could make full use of my skills.

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