Service design and Customer journey mapping workshops

About This Project

Service design and Customer journey mapping workshops



As I attained the Nielsen Norman Group UX Professional certification in Mobile and Multichannel UX, I passed the modules “Service design” and “Customer Journey mapping”. This has given me the necessary skills to lead workshops in these topics for any kind of product or service offering.


This means I have been able to help start-ups critically analyse their product or service offering and identify core problems in their user journeys. Using service design and customer journey mapping has 3 main benefits:


  • It helps identify core issues in either your entire offering or in specific user journeys
  • It helps prioritise issues based on the impact on the metric of your choice
  • It helps to generate an empathic user centricity for inside stakeholders
Format of a workshop

The usual format of a customer journey workshop will include the following parts:


  • What a customer journey map is, and what it is used for
  • What parts make up a customer journey map
  • What is a persona, a lens and a scenario
  • How to create empathy, role-play as a persona
  • Give some examples and exercises to identify the different parts
  • Start of the workshop where every start-up or attendee choses a journey of their choice
  • Guiding the workshop and answering questions


Customer Journey workshop at Crypto Valley Venture Capital

During this specific workshop I was invited to work with the crypto start-ups at Crypto Valley Venture Capital. These innovative start-ups were all using blockchain technology in their product. This ranged from parcel delivery to indexing farming and land in Brazil to owning unique digital pets as a form of donating to a wildlife preservation charity. Below you can see some pictures of the session, which lasted about 2 hours.


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