KBC Bank Invoicing Platform

About This Project

Invoicing platform redesign



This project was assigned to me because it had two main focuses: the information architecture, and the UI. Since I was a UX designer with previous UI experience designing with brand guides and component libraries, I was assigned to redesign this complex invoicing application for KBC Bank as a sole designer.

In this case the UX work focussed the majority of the effort in the information architecture. On the UI front, this very complex application had a UI that looked very old (think 2000’s file management applications).

The challenge was to update the design and experience of the while staying within the technical constraints of the old system. It was not so much a full UX exercise where I analyse user needs through customer journeys, research and service design, rather focusing on information architecture and fixing the basic UX problems, simplifying the interface and improving the general usability and look and feel of the app. Overall the response was great and this project was a great success afterwards.

The before

A traditional invoicing platform with dull colors and bleak looking pages. Bad information architecture and hard to navigate. A perfect example of a software development process without including designers.

The after

A modern and refreshing design, easier navigation and and overall a big improvement for this invoicing platform.

Design, UI design, UX design