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IWM 3.0 and the omni-channel framework

As a Senior UX UI consultant I worked intensively on the new suite of investment applications under the IWM 3.0 umbrella. With a team that grew to 6 designers within the first half of 2020 we worked on designing the best possible experience for the client channel as well as the Relationship Manager channel, as well as creating a unified style guide and component library that could cover all applications called “Omnichannel framework”.
Credit Suisse Digital
Patform called CS Digital 3.0.  Within the CS Digital team I worked on creating an easy to use portfolio section, I was personally involved in initial conceptual designs involving proactive investment advice and a better RM-Client dialogue true the online channel. Eventually I moved to designing the portfolio section, before jumping onto a different project, a predictive data modelling tool called “Wealth Engine”.
Banking application
Wealth Engine
Credit Suisse Wealth Engine is the predictive data-model tool that allows Credit Suisse to accurately predict the risk and return of a certain portfolio composition in the future. Then, tools like the Hedging and Leveraging simulator allow you to reduce or increase risk and exposure. I worked on shaping both solutions. The main challenges included how to design comprehensive and easy to understand interfaces for these complex tools within the brand guidelines of Credit Suisse, as well as how to include negative portfolio exposure introduced by short positions or put options.
Taking over the team lead position
During the summer of 2020, our team lead decided to leave us for an opportunity closer to home. When he left I was appointed to take up some of his tasks on an interim basis. I consequently guided our team through a difficult QA process during which I needed to make difficult decisions on how far we wanted to go to ensure the pending go-live date. Unfortunately, there were some code quality issues, and we had to step in to fix these. We worked closely with the new devs to fix the codebase, and with some extra effort managed to roll-out on time. This was one of the most critical periods in my career, but I am proud to say our design team did the necessary to make sure it ended in a successful delivery.
Design, Project Management, UI design, UX design