Creative work

  • Front end development, desing, UX design
  • front end development
  • 3D design

About This Project

Creative work

Low poly landscape

From my interest in photography, videography I also developed some skill in VR and 3D modeling. This is a little scene I put together in Cinema 4D and rendered out some still shots, as wel as a video from it.

Music and 3D: 3D animation with objects reacting to music

Another project that sprung from my creative interest in 3D modeling. A friend of mine produced a song, and I used it to animate 3D objects to. It’s only a short clip, but it was really cool to use some of the features like a 360 background, object linking, etc.

Mockups and Banner design

At Digitas Lbi, Part of the Publicis group I spent a good amount of time designing banners, visuals, landing pages, and videos. We mainly used the adobe CC and worked in Illustrator, photoshop, after effects and premiere pro.

Design, Project Management