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About me

I am an engaged and motivated senior UX UI designer with experience in a range of sectors, but leaning towards designing complex, usually financial and fintech software applications. With my interest ranging from physics to psychology to financial markets, the red line is I like to understand how people feel when interacting. My urge to simplify complexity and ability to understand business strategy allows me to take full ownership of more complex products without losing track of user or business goals.

🔎 Research & workshops

Interviewing, Personas, Customer journey mapping, Service design, UX workshops, Card sorting

✏️ UX design

Site / App architecture, Structural frameworks, Screenflows, Wireframing, Prototyping, Content collection, Iterations

🌈 UI design

Building & managing design systems and component libraries, visual design, (technical) illustrations, mood boards, website design, application design

Research and strategy capabilities

I have worked with all the different parts of the design process over the course of my career I have gained the capability to fully own the following design process steps:

  • Digital strategy

  • Service design

  • Branding

  • Organizing and leading ideation workshops

  • Requirement analysis

  • Personas and Customer Journey maps

  • Leading customer journey mapping workshops

  • Quantitative research: data and analytics

  • Qualitative research: UX labs using prototypes, AB testing, card sorting, interviewing

Leading a persona and customer journey workshop
@ Crypto Valley Venture Capital 2021

Design & leadership Capabilities

  • Wireframing considering technical limitations and brand guidelines

  • Creating prototypes to validate solutions

  • UI design within brand guidelines and component libraries

  • Visuals, micro-interactions and more

  • Collaborating with devs and dev teams

  • Presenting solution design demo’s to both senior management and clients

  • Leading design teams

  • Interviewing and hiring designers

  • Organizing teams to resolve bottlenecks or roadblocks efficiently

This is me surviving in the urban jungle

What I do when I'm not working

I'm an active person who loves social interactions, meeting new people, and creating relationships. I also love being active with travel or sports. Here are some facts about me:

  • I like photography

  • I'm a football fan

  • I love sports and staying active

  • Surfing is my long-lost passion

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