Google Finance


Considering my financial design experience I wanted to conceptualize a banking solution as offered by Google, as a showcase for my skills and a case study for my portfolio

🔍 Problem

Google is one of the wealthiest companies in the world, renowned for its great UX and UI. They offer google pay, but what if they went into the fintech space?

✨ Solution

The designed solution for my conceptual work in progress is the full feature of Google Finance bank, including PSD2 3rd party providers offering products (much like google flights and hotels) but also with the potential availability of Google’s own finance products, including credit cards, loans, insurance, and investment funds.


  • Adobe XD


  • 1 UI designer

My Role

  • UI design


  • Design: 2 weeks

My Design Process
Google Finance


Using Figma, I translated my ideas into wireframes. Then, I improved them by adding a few relevant stock images, graphics, and some dummy data. After this stage, I iterated on the wireframes, fine-tuning them to a more mature screen UI.

Google Finance

UI Design

Once the usability issues were resolved, I moved on to design the final screens in Figma. I paid special attention to adhering to all existing spacing, fonts, styles, and more to create an application that looks like it came straight out of the "google box".

Google Finance

Next steps

I would have really liked to continue this project and build out more of the screens in this suite but unfortunately, other work got in the way and I had to leave it in its current state. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with how well-balanced and clean the UI is and I think it would make a great application.


I refined my knowledge of Material UI, using existing components from the Material UI design system and designing using to brand colors and guidelines of Google. I really enjoyed working on this project!

Thank you for reading my case study!

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