About me.

I am a digital native who spends most of his work time on designing snappy interfaces and his free time reading up on digital trends, traveling, practicing sports and improving myself.

Creating digital experiences is what makes or breaks your brand in today’s market. Customer involvement is high, access to information widespread and customers are educated and demanding.

The hurdles you present your user to fulfil your business needs could be heavily impacting your bottom line. Thats why I strive to design  experiences that understand and challenge not only which device the user  is in, but also the commitment we ask from him and the even the circumstances he is using the app under.

Just imagine you’re in the supermarket using a mobile app that asks you to type in your favourite vegetable with 5 groceries and a coat in your hands. That wont work.

So analysing how consumers and businesses use the possibilities of the web to interact with each other and how this has affected business results is what I’m all about. From these insights I create immersive digital web experiences that captivate the user.

I design, test, analyse and repeat to create delightful visual interfaces, easy to get information architecture and efficient interactions. Basically, I make app and web interfaces more engaging, for everyone. Additionally I believe strongly in using analytics to make data driven decisions with all stakeholders in mind.


We’re seeing 3 major trends in the digital world today. Firstly, extended datasets as the source of information. Data collection has given us access to vast amounts of highly reliable (or unreliable) data. This gives us the opportunity to make our decisions and conclusions on a solid foundation. Companies can use analytics to improve user experiences and use data at hand to target the right people at the right time providing higher ROI’s than ever before.

Secondly, computing power has advanced and computers are now capable of independently drawing conclusions and making decisions based on these datasets. This is known as Machine Learning. This machine intelligence is also known as artificial intelligence. They can weigh decisions based on a different number of factors even calculating ethical impact in the process.

Lastly, the output of all this processed data has to be presented in a comprehensible manner for users. New interfaces like transparent displays and displaying information through virtual and augmented reality will provide challenges for user experience while user interfaces will most likely be reduced in presence as user interaction and the experience gain importance.

As a result of these trends, and more specifically the new way information is presented to users, user experience in both interface and content will be a very fickle area and related topics e.g. security and adaptive content will be prominent.